Introduction to Aikido


Introduction to Aikido


Date: 10/19/2019

Time: 1-2 pm

Hosts: Stephen Toyoda, Japanese Culture Center & Erika Kono

Item Description:

Description: Ai (合) = “harmony” / Ki (æ°£) =“energy” / Do (道) =“the way” Aikido is the way of harmonized energy where Aikidoka (one who studies aikido) develop themselves through becoming centered, relaxed, and extended by connecting their minds and bodies. The purpose of Aikido is not to stop energy with a block, but rather to accept it and lead it to a place where it is useful. Through this compassion for others, we hope to be able to reconcile our differences in a peaceful manner. This type of practice emphasizes discipline, focus, and self control. Workshop participants will learn basic body movements, energy extension exercises, as well as, basic throwing and falling techniques. * if only children are participating, parents will need to stay on site. (7 years and older)

Special Notes:

Japanese Culture Center 1016 W Belmont Chicago, IL 

Children Must be 7 or older to participate

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