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Kiss N Go and Lunchroom Volunteers

We are currently seeking volunteers for Burr Kiss N Go! (the morning drop-off) and for Kindergarten and 1st & 2nd Grade Lunch.  Please consider signing up to volunteer!  We need at least two Kiss N Go! volunteers each morning from 8:15AM-8:45AM.  It's a quick shift for folks already dropping off their kids that morning and a good way for 9-5 working parents to help out and get to know the Burr community (as long as you can come in a touch late to work once and awhile).We also need two Lunch Room volunteers for each shift (Kindergarten from 11-11:20AM and 1st & 2nd from 11:25-11:45AM).

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The success of our school is due to the teachers, the administration, the kids, and yes, the parents! We play a role too.  One way you can help the school and be involved is to volunteer.  We have many varied opportunities throughout the year. Please consider volunteering, in whatever way you can.  Every little bit helps!