Hello, Burr Families: Please cut and paste this in to your emails and FB posts to make requesting money for the walk-a-thon easy as 1,2,3.

Dearest Friends, Family, Neighbors, and Co-Workers,

It’s time for the Annual Burr School Student Walk-A-Thon! It takes place at our children’s school on September 21st during their recess. Kids walk anywhere from 1 to 10 laps to raise money for Burr. Will you consider pledging this year? 
You can pledge a flat fee and/or a per lap fee. It’s one of the two largest fundraisers at the school and netted just over $10,000 last year, which paid for 10 weeks of music class for the entire student body of 400+ kids! Funds raised this year will support things such as: 2 smartboards for the 2 new classrooms in the growing school, another year of music classes, and a new drinking fountain in our main hallway. Our goal is to raise at least $30.00 per child so we do our part to help meet the school’s goal of raising another $10,000 this year.
100% of the funds go directly to Burr Elementary School (via Friends of Burr, a 501c3 organization) and are tax deductible. You can give us cash, checks payable to “Friends of Burr” (mail to us at home) or contribute online by clicking the “Donate” button at http://www.friendsofburr.org/. (In Paypal’s special instructions section, write our child’s name and grade so he/she will get credit for the pledge.) 
If you are interested, please let me know 1) how much you wish to pledge, 2) whether it’s a fixed amount or per lap, and 3) how are you are planning to pay. Ideally, we need the money on or before September 20th.
Thank you in advance for your awesome support of our kids and their school again this year!